Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer by Welty, Rorrer, Foster

Chemical Engineering

By Welty, Rorrer, Foster

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7 psia. The thickness of tank wall may be neglected. What additional force is required to bring the top of the tank flush with the water surface? 5 The change in density due to temperature causes the takeoff and landing speeds of a heavier-than-air craft to increase as the square root of the temperature. What effect do temperatureinduced density changes have on the lifting power of a rigid lighter-than-air craft? 4 If the density of sea water is approximated by the equation of state r ˆ r0 exp[(p patm)/b], where b is the compressibility, determine the pressure and density at a point 32,000 ft below the surface of the sea.

What force is required to lift the block free of the bottom? What force is required to maintain the block in this position? 22 A dam spillway gate holds back water of depth h. The gate weights 500 1b/ft and is hinged at A. At what depth of water will the gate rise and permit water to flow under it? 17 The tank is accelerated upward at a uniform rate. Does the manometer level go up or down? 75-m diameter beach ball to stop a drain in a swimming pool. Obtain an expression that relates the drain diameter D and the minimum water depth h for which the ball will remain in place.

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