English to Hindi Dictionary by RAM NARAIN LAL PUBLISHER AND BOOKSELLER 1936



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PZ krnA, mAEZt krnA demonstration N 1.

Endoq, Enml, Endoq, 3. m,gA, k, , V, 2. aArMB, aAEd, an, An commend VT 1. sOpnA commendable A 1. fsnFy, srAhnFy commendation N 1. -mArk ElEp commonwealth N sv sADArZ, 3. sEMmElt, smAgm, pr-pr mn kF bAt krnA, lAg-XAV krnvAlA m l, smgt, 2. smAj, sm,dAy, jAEt, s dAy, 2. GrnA, 2. ulJn, PsAv, EmlAv, asrltA, ulJAv WAn l nA 34 compliment N 1. ZAm, aAdr, fsA, aEBndn compliment VT 1. fsA krnA, ZAm krnA, srAhnA, vAh vAh krnA, aAdr krnA complimentary A 1. ag,vAI, 3. clAnA, EnvAh krnA, ag,vAI krnA, 2.

RhnA, E-Tr rhnA, jArF rhnA, EVknA, dY rhnA continue VT 1. sMmln, Evfq avsr pr b,lAI h,I sBA, 2. tAbA lgAnA copy N 1. p, 2. nkl utArnA, ml dK kr EtElEp bnAnA, an,krZ krnA copyright A 1. sXAnA, EbgAXnA, apEv bnAnA, af,X bnAnA, 1. srltA, s AI, En CltA, sOhAd, m F, En kpVtA core N 1. dOX, 4. kAyr, nFc counterpart N 1. VokrA, KAcA, JApA crater N 1. aAlocnA krnA, smF"A krnA, jAcnA, doq EnkAlnA, smAlocnA krnA, ECdAv qZ krnA critique N 1. kAv kAv, k,k,! kAv kAv krnA, k,k,! pcdAr, GGr bAl, C dAr, k,Ect current A 1.

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