Demon of Desire (Whispering Valley, Book One) by Ari Thatcher

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By Ari Thatcher

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Yes, I needed to be sure you’re all right. I am so sorry about the demon. ” Sin asked. ” “I never should have kept the fetish in this house. I tried to warn you away but you couldn’t see me. ” Absinthe nodded. “It was silly, I know, but I hoped you would either figure out I was trying to tell you something, or get scared enough to make the brothers move everything out of here. ” “I think I heard you. Something was sure scurrying around when I came here. You tried, Aunt, that’s what counts. ” Sin glanced toward the ceiling.

She stopped at the window, pulling back the curtains to peer out. The door opened and a man stepped inside. Her eyes widened when he pushed back his hood and turned toward her. He had the same face, maybe ten years younger than Gower. He lacked the silvering temples and a few toes in the crow’s feet, but otherwise they were exact copies. Her body hungered to know him better, stirring as if awakened from hibernation. She had to close her eyes for a moment and let the warm whiskey-like wave of desire pass through her.

No shit,” Baen agreed. “I can smell her blood, so hot. ” Enos leaned closer and inhaled again. Suthu screeched and yanked at both arms. The wooden bedframe groaned. “Damn it, the demon’s too strong. ” Gower jumped away and looked for the lamp Baen had dropped. Grabbing it, he held it high and prepared to strike if she got free. Suthu’s face reddened as she tugged at her arms and legs. The scarves holding her began to tear. Amid the brothers’ shouts, and groans of the bedposts, the sound of rending fabric filled the air.

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