Deformations of Transformations of Ribaucour(en)(5s) by Eisenhart L. P.

Aerospace Equipment

By Eisenhart L. P.

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She glanced at O'Brien. " "You called a tactical briefing for sixteen hundred. It's sixteen-twenty. " "Ohwyes, I forgot! " "Noted. " Her mind preoccupied with the idea of invasion, Kira bumped O'Brien again as the two of them dodged for the exit, but this wasn't the kind of bump that made her self-conscious. As they ran full-out down the throbbing deck, she heard Quark call after them. " Grim and somber, Kira Nerys scanned the reports on the sensor padd on the table before her at the operations station.

He tapped the cane against his palm. Dax looked as if she just couldn't get the reaction she wanted today. "It couldn't have been that bad," she said. " Sisko leaned back and his chair reclined accommodatingly. "You know, I was this close to letting him off the hook. If he'd resisted another two seconds, I'd have let him off. " He shook the cane in the air between them. " She didn't exactly smile, but it was under there. " "You know why. It's one thing to ask Starfleet personnel to put their lives on the line.

Shields are gone, no power to the weapons--" Kira was about to shout back that she didn't want any more reports. She had to think about what she did have instead of what she didn't. Of course, that was the basic idea behind those kinds of damage reports--to know what to use--but right now she didn't care. Reflex kicked in and she started thinking like an underground fighter again. What could she use? Could she gather hand phasers and tap their energy stores? Were there welding torches on the station?

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