Decision Support for Natural Disasters and Intentional by Tissa H. Illangasekare, Katarina Mahutova, John J. Barich


By Tissa H. Illangasekare, Katarina Mahutova, John J. Barich

These court cases summarize the result of a NATO complex learn Workshop on water protection. a number of, disparate threats to water protection exist. determination help constructions that supply powerful capability for fending off and responding to power or genuine events exist or are less than improvement. Water assets are necessary to defense. A enough volume of water of appropriate caliber is required to supply for health and wellbeing, welfare, and atmosphere integrity. The extremes of an excessive amount of water, as with hurricanes, tsunamis or floods, or too little, as with droughts or over-exploitation, current water defense concerns.

The aim of the workshop used to be to discover the connection of choice aid and environmental informatics as complementary instruments to enhance water defense. pursuits incorporated the assessment of “lessons learned” from fresh normal failures (hurricanes, tsunami, etc.) and the delineation of the way using state-of-science instruments improves water safeguard on the subject of normal failures and intentional threats. those court cases contain papers on (1) catastrophic occasions just like the 2004 South Asian tsunami, storm Katrina, and protracted threats of floods, (2) anthropogenic threats to water protection (either intentional as in a terrorist possibility or unintentional as in an undesirable outcome of monetary or cultural activity,) and (3) choice aid tools.

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Between 1,001 and 2,000 μs/cm rapidly increased, while the percent with specific conductance over 10,000 after January 2005 rapidly decreased. It is likely that the north-west monsoon rains in January were relatively effective at diluting the salinity in this area. Koggala Well Monitoring Program – Pre and Post Tsunami Monitoring As discussed previously, the 2004 Tsunami adversely affected shallow groundwater quality in many coastal regions of Sri Lanka. The Koggala water supply is an example of a coastal aquifer that still has contamination.

Such a program should include, soil and hydrogeological studies, borehole geophysical investigations, aquifer characterization, and modeling interactions between surface water and groundwater. There is a clear need to develop an infrastructure and a mindset towards using groundwater models in Sri Lanka. Modeling will provide planners and managers with the tools to assess both the availability of water resources and sustainability and protection of existing sources. Clearly a program of capacity building to 24 T.

In addition, the failures that led to the human and economic disaster and the potential for more effectively avoiding such a disaster in the future will be a secondary focus of the paper. 2. CAUSES OF THE DISASTER Although the hurricane was certainly the instigating event, only the catastrophic damages in the exposed Louisiana and Mississippi coasts can be considered largely unavoidable. The flooding in New Orleans has been found to largely be the result of a variety of human failures including − − − 1 Inadequate safety factors in the design of hurricane protection levees Different political jurisdictions responsible for construction and maintenance leading to uneven design and protectiveness Loss of wetlands in the surrounding area that could act as a buffer and mitigate hurricane effects The discussion here is largely excerpted from The Bridge, and that publication is gratefully acknowledged.

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