Deaf-Ability--Not Disability: A Guide for the Parents of by Wendy McCracken

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By Wendy McCracken

This publication used to be written via a significantly deaf mom of a profoundly deaf son and a instructor of the deaf/educational audiologist. Their goal was once to provide sensible, impartial details to folks of listening to impaired kids. this is often counterbalanced by way of case-studies which provide an perception into the that means of deafness to households and individuals. Deaf-ability seeks to underline the facility, capability and individualism of every child.

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We need to know which sounds are affected and to what degree. Once this information is available help can be offered, varying from medical treatment to the fitting of hearing aids. Hearing is tested across a range of sounds from low tones to high tones. Hearing tests usually use five frequencies, 250 Hertz, 500 Hertz, 1000 Hertz, 2000 Hertz and 4000 Hertz. Hertz (Hz) is simply the term used to describe the number of cycles per second in any tone; for example, a tone of 250 Hz would complete 250 cycles per second, while tones of a higher frequency would complete more cycles per second, 4000 Hz completing 4000 cycles.

The stirrup bone is attached to a small flexible membrane called the oval window; this is situated on the cochlea (6), a boney structure shaped like a snail shell. The cochlea is divided into two chambers and is filled with Page 6 fluid. The membrane which divides the cochlea into two parts has thousands of hair-like cells along it. As the stirrup rocks to and fro into the oval window waves are formed in the fluid of the cochlea. The waves move along the membrane and move the hair cells. There are approximately 17,000 of these hair cells and when any one of these is stimulated enough they send electrical messages to the connecting nerve.

I am all behind at school. It's no fun if you can't hear half of what people are saying and you keep getting things wrong. Everyone just thinks you're thick. 11 shows a more significant loss; the sounds have to be raised to an average of 68dB before the patient responds. The hearing falls completely outside the speech area. A child born with this degree of hearing loss would hear very little of normal conversational speech; a hearing aid would be needed to make the sounds loud enough for the child to hear.

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