Dark Side of the Street (Classic Jack Higgins Collection) by Jack Higgins

Nonfiction 2

By Jack Higgins

The association, presided over via the Baron, is a sinister villian's community which rakes in earnings from all fields of crime. yet Harry, a upset member of the association, desires to carry the Baron's empire down, and Paul Chavasse, an secret agent, goes to assist him do it.

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It was completely deserted and Hoffa frowned. " "I haven't the slightest idea. " Hoffa demanded angrily. " "Depends how you look at it, doesn't it, old man? " He leaned across the opened the door. " A moment later Hoffa found himself standing at the side of the road a bewildered frown on his face, the Zodiac a fast-dwindling noise in the distance. It was quiet after a while, the only sound the wind whispering through the long grass and a cloud passed across the face of the sun so that suddenly it was cold and he shivered.

Atkinson shrugged. " He opened the envelope and placed the documents it contained in front of the governor. "You'll remember the case, sir. It was in all the papers at the time. " "That's right, sir-an anonymous tip to the Yard, but he was going to seed long before that. He was a Captain in the Royal Engineers-cashiered for embezzlement seven or eight years ago. " The Governor nodded. "Not a very pretty picture! Still-a man of some intelligence. " Atkinson was unable to conceal his surprise. " The governor leaned back in his chair.

The door closed behind her and Chavasse locked it. Nothing to do now except wait for them to come for him. He placed the automatic to hand on the locker by the window, lit a cigarette and lay down on the bed. It was not more than twenty minutes later that he heard sounds of faint movement on the landing outside. There was a timid knock on the door and Mrs. Clegg, the landlady, called, "Are you in, Mr. " he said. "There's a letter for you. " He took a deep breath and unlocked the door. It smashed into him instantly and he was carried back across the bed which collapsed under the combined weight of four very large policemen.

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