Dark Promises 04 Flesh and Blood by Elisa Adams

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By Elisa Adams

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He hadn’t enjoyed the game this much in a long time. His cock fought for attention, but he ignored it. For now. “Good girl. Now spread your legs for me. ” She moved her legs apart with such excruciating slowness he had to quell the urge to help her along. The end result, though, was well worth the wait. The folds of her pussy glistened in the dim lamplight, drenched with her cream, swollen and red with her desire. He knelt on the bed and brought his face to her mound. He sucked in a breath filled with the now-familiar feminine scent, only stronger there, more enticing.

He wiped his face with a towel and stepped out of the room into the darkened hallway, the events of moments ago already fading from his memory. Do the job. Get out. Walk away. Never look back. The words that had been taught to him, so many years ago, had become his mantra. He made his way back to the party, pasted a smile on his face as he slipped into the din in the ballroom. Seconds later he felt the scrape of sharp fingernails just above his shirt collar. ” Anita. The insipid bottle blonde he’d brought as his cover for the evening.

There was so much he wanted to do to her, so many things he wanted to experience. He was in control at that particular moment, but in reality she held all the power. Her pleasure was completely in his hands. It awed him to think she’d offer herself to him this way, didn’t run but met his demands instead. She’d given him a gift, one he couldn’t ignore. After tonight, he would be forever in her debt. He stopped by the foot of the bed and brushed his fingertips against her ankles. “Open your eyes now, Faith.

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