Cross Channel Currents: One Hundred Years of the Entente by D Johnson

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By D Johnson

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The two societies are perhaps closer than they have ever been in their values, ways of life, levels of wealth and extent of influence in the world. The Iraqi crisis of 2003 showed the remarkable spectacle of a vocal element of the British public looking to Paris for a political lead – doubtless for the first time since 1792. But this only demonstrates the distance separating the two governments. There is less than ever a ‘special relationship’ or ‘axis’ across the Channel comparable with those that span the Atlantic and the Rhine.

Greenhill, ‘The Mathematical Theory of the Top Considered Historically’, Verhandlung des dritten internationalen Mathematiker-Kongress in Heidelberg von 8. bis 13. August, herausg. Von A. Krazer, B. G. Teubner, Leipzig, 1905, p. 106. 37 CROSS CHANNEL CURRENTS for war in the autumn of 1917. As a young man, in 1900, he had become a member of the Académie des Sciences, and five years later a professor at the École Polytechnique. At the 1904 Congress he defended analytical mathematics, or calculus, at least in so far as this was ‘natural’ or ‘physical’ and did not create artefacts that could not be observed.

Maurice Rouvier, the French prime minister, offered Germany compensation in the Congo for French supremacy in Morocco, as well as cooperation in a variety of fields. Had Germany accepted these terms, the Entente Cordiale would have been destroyed and France might well have been drawn into a policy of continuing cooperation with Germany. The German government, however, found itself trapped by its own previous propaganda. Having publicly demanded an international conference and posed as the defender of Moroccan independence, it felt unable to back down and reach a bilateral agreement with France.

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