Crime Files by John Marlowe

Police Procedurals

By John Marlowe

This hugely illustrated real crime ebook offers the scoop at the newest advancements in homicide and mayhem - in complete color. that includes Anders Breivik (the Norwegian spree killer), Stephen Griffiths (The Crossbow Cannibal), Russell Williams, Robert Pickton, Phillip Garrido, Serhiy Tkach, John Thomas, Jerry Brudos, Josef Fritzl, Gary Heidnik, Katherine Knight, Ed Kemper, Jack Unterweger and so on. ideal bedtime studying from the darkish facet of existence - grisly yet interesting. writer John Marlowe makes a speciality of concise, but exact case-by-case examinations from the realm of utmost human behaviour. right here, he provides a gently selected cross-section of wicked sleek criminals.

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Any person or persons who do any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. ISBN: 978-1-78212-701-7 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION THE COLONEL’S DARK SECRET Russell Williams THE CROSSBOW CANNIBAL Stephen Griffiths DEATH FARM Robert Pickton CONTROL FREAK Phillip Garrido THE POLOGOVSKY MANIAC Serhiy Tkach THE WESTSIDE RAPIST John Thomas, Jr THE SHOE FETISH SLAYER Jerry Brudos THE LURKING COMMUNIST Andrei Chikatilo BEAST IN THE BUNKER Josef Fritzl THE MAN WITH NO FRIENDS Thomas Hamilton THE SCHIZOID ‘BISHOP’ Gary Heidnik SATAN’S DEN David Parker Ray TEARS OF A TORTURER Cameron Hooker THE SLAUGHTERWOMAN’S FEAST Katherine Knight REVENGE ON MOMMA Ed Kemper THE CHARMER Jack Unterweger BORN FOR THE GALLOWS Carl Panzram ‘ATROCIOUS BUT NECESSARY ACTIONS’ Anders Breivik ARMAGEDDON MAN Michael Ryan THE CASE OF THE TOXIC MILKSHAKES Nancy Kissel INDEX INTRODUCTION File folders, thousands of them, can be found in even the smallest of police stations.

It’s likely that the true number of women murdered by Stephen Griffiths will never be known. Ultimately, he would admit to just three, the first being 43-year-old Susan Rushworth. A sex trade worker who struggled with heroin addiction, she was last seen alive near her home during the dying minutes of 22 June 2009. In the months that followed police made numerous appeals to the public, hoping for some hint as to the missing woman’s whereabouts. What the authorities didn’t know, but perhaps suspected, was that Susan Rushworth was long dead.

All the visits, both scheduled and unscheduled, took place while Jaycee was in the backyard. In nearly two decades, not one department agent would bother investigating Phillip’s collection of tents, tarpaulins and sheds. The authorities might not have thought Phillip was a suspicious character, but those who saw him on a daily basis found him weird and just a little frightening. Neighbourhood parents told their children to keep away from his house. He ran a print shop, Printing for Less, but his behaviour ensured that he had few repeat customers.

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