Craftool Tech-Tips (Leatherapplications) by Al Stohlman

By Al Stohlman

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166 of an inch, and is further broken down into points. There are 12 points per pica; 6 picas per inch; and 72 points per inch. ' Pixel: The smallest picture element which can be manipulated by software. The individual "bit" in bit-mapped. Point Size: Denotes the size of type (see pica). iOTP Course Book 38 Portrait: Refers to a page or image that is taller than wide. Pre-Press: Any and all processes require prior to the printing, such as shooting halftones. Process Colors: The four process colors - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK).

Dash: A keyboard character resembling a hyphen but longer. See Em Dash and En Dash. Descenders: The portion of a lowercase characters which lies below its x-height. Desktop Publishing (DTP): A term usually used to describe the creation of plinted documents using a desktop computer. These may be printed directly from the computer using a laser printer, or sent to a service bureau for higher quality output. DTP Fundamentals 37 Dithering: A process which gives the illusion of varying shades of gray or shades of color.

The individual pixel colour values record the colour strength of each channel. ie a greyscale black to white pixel will have just one channel per pixel, and an RGB pixel will have three. A bitmap image- When a bitmap image is to be created, the first thing that must be established is the bitmaps Resolution. That is, how many pixels or areas of individual colours there will be per inch (ppi) horizontally (or per centimetre), and this will also be the same vertically. If an image has a resolution of 200ppi and will be 3 inches wide when output at same size, there will be 600 different colour blocks across each row.

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