Coupled CFD-DEM modeling : formulation, implementation and by Hamid Reza Norouzi, Reza Zarghami, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh,

Chemical Engineering

By Hamid Reza Norouzi, Reza Zarghami, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Navid Mostoufi

Discusses the CFD-DEM approach to modeling which mixes either the Discrete aspect procedure and  Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate fluid-particle interactions.

  • Deals with either theoretical and functional strategies of CFD-DEM, its numerical implementation followed by means of a hands-on numerical code in FORTRAN
  • Gives examples of business applications

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However, Weber et al. [16] and Weber and Hrenya [17] introduced the square‐well method to handle granular flows with interparticle cohesive forces in the hard‐sphere formulation. We introduce this methodology here to give a good picture to the reader of how this formulation can be further extended to a similar system in which ­interparticle forces play a key role. For example, dilute phase electrification of gas‐particle flow in pneumatic conveying of particles [18] can be modeled by event‐based/hard‐sphere DEM.

The dashed curve shows the limit imposed by the Coulomb’s law. The dotted curve is the tangential force without friction and the solid curve corresponds to actual tangential force during the collision. In the first collision regime, which occurs at small collision angles, the condition ψ imp ≤ 1 is held. The second regime occurs for 1 < ψ imp ≤ 7κ − 1 and the third regime for ψ imp > 7κ − 1. 6a shows the tangential force during the oblique collision with θimp = 5°. 24 that is less than 1 and we are in the first regime in which the normal component of relative velocity is much larger than its tangential component.

4 Thus, in the absence of continuous fluid or where the fluid effects are not important, this term is assumed to be zero. The fluid–particle interaction forces will be discussed in detail in Chapter 6. The third term represents all external forces acting on particle i due to ­uniform or non‐uniform external fields. For example, we can name the gravitational force due to existence of the uniform gravitational field of earth or the force acting on a magnetic particle in an electromagnetic field. 24a.

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