Compositional Strategy of the Book of Judges (Supplements to by Wong, G.T.K.

Old Testament

By Wong, G.T.K.

This quantity represents an inductive, literary/rhetorical research of the ebook of Judges within which attainable rhetorical hyperlinks connecting the book's 3 significant sections are tested intimately to teach that the ebook can have been a unified composition instead of a composite paintings as many suppose.

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27 This is actually the only instance in Hebrew Scripture where μrj is explicitly said to be directed against fellow Israelites. 28 As Lohfink (1986:184) points out, the solemn oath (hlwdgh h[wbvh) in 21:5 is tantamount to a vow. After all, h[wbv is used synonymously and in parallel with rdn in Num. 30:3. 29 Greenfield (5) in his discussion of the Aramaic idiom nkh tkwh bhrb in the Sefire Treaty Inscriptions compares it to the Hebrew equivalent of brjAypl . . hkh and recognises that the latter is used for the total annihilation of a city.

This weakens his argument in two ways. ”115 Second, as insightful as these analyses are, they have by no means provided definitive ‘proof ’ for the literary unity of the book. Take Gros Louis’ article, for example, to which Webb refers. While Gros Louis indeed points out a number of related themes that are progressively developed throughout the first sixteen chapters of the book, his article makes no mention at all of the final five chapters of Judges. But since these final chapters are generally regarded by historical critical scholars to be a later addition unrelated to the main body of Judges, by not including them in his analysis, Gros Louis comes across as having implicitly conceded the point to the historical critical scholars.

Furthermore, not only are two questions similar, the report of YHWH’s answer in both cases is also almost identical. In response to the inquiry in the prologue, YHWH’s answer is reported in 1:2 as hl[y hdwhy hwhy rmayw. In the epilogue, it is reported in 20:18 as hljtb hdwhy hwhy rmayw. 11 In fact, Boling (1975:53), Webb (1987:198), O’Connell (16–17), and Block (1999:559) all understand this as a framing device such as an inclusio. 12 Within Hebrew Scripture, Îb lav is almost always followed by hwhy or μyhla when the following noun is associated with the deity.

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