Cliffsnotes Major Barbara & St. Joan by M. F. a. Jeffery Fisher

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By M. F. a. Jeffery Fisher

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Furthermore, he points out that were Joan to return, "they would burn her again within six months . . " Ladvenu, shocked at this attitude, hastily retreats. The king again rings for his servant, but the candles go out, and in a flash of lightening, a silhouette is seen and the voice of Joan is heard. She assures Charles that he is dreaming, and she wants to know what has happened in the last twenty-five years. Charles is pleased to report that Joan forced him to become a man; he is now Charles the Victorious, and furthermore, just today, Joan has been vindicated and her judges have been condemned.

When Poulengey volunteers to pay for the horse, Sir Robert begins to waver and thus sends once more for The Maid. " Sir Robert is finally convinced; he believes that the troops and, ultimately, the Dauphin "might swallow" Joan's conviction and her dedication; maybe even the Dauphin might take courage from Joan's determination. At least, it is worth a try. He thus orders Joan to go to Chinon under Poulengey's escort; she is given a soldier's armor, and she dashes off ecstatically. " Commentary In the opening scene, some very important aspects of Joan's character are revealed.

After many complicated theological questions, her accusers force Joan to admit that her voices were not heavenly sent voices but, instead, came from Satan. After her recantation of the voices, her judges then sentence her to perpetual imprisonment and isolation, living off only bread and water. Joan rejects this horrid punishment and tears up her recantation. She is immediately carried to the stake and burnt as a witch; afterward, the Executioner enters and announces that Joan's heart would not burn.

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