Clavis Patrum Latinorum by Eligius Dekkers - Aemilius Gaar

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By Eligius Dekkers - Aemilius Gaar

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This could be related to the latter’s discontinuity relative to Fordism in general or the distinctive features of its political precursor in particular. In the former case the transition to a post-Fordist state could be linked to tendencies originating in Fordism and/or to the displacement or resolution of its basic contradictions and crises. This transition may occur independently of any crisis in the state itself. Conversely, in the latter case, the morphogenesis of the post-Fordist state would be grounded in tendencies emerging initially within the Fordist state itself and/or in the search for solutions to the latter’s own contradictions and crises.

And, although Major has recently put ‘workfare’ on the political agenda, his aim seems less to promote labourmarket flexibility and competitiveness than to further reduce the drain of unemployment on the exchequer. Short-term political expediency rather than long-term productivist strategy is now in charge and the result is a sense of political drift and economic decay. This is associated in turn with renewed Establishment chatter about the graceful management of national decline rather than the Thatcherite celebration of Britain’s economic miracle.

The chapter ends with some general remarks on the problems of theorising post-Fordism. FORDISM AND POST-FORDISM Even a cursory review of accounts of Fordism and post-Fordism reveals massive disparities in the use of these concepts. I will first deal with the problems regarding Fordism and the Fordist state. This will clarify what is at stake in analysing post-Fordism and the post-Fordist state and thereby provide firmer foundations for my discussion of the British case. In particular, if it could be shown that Britain never experienced an effective Fordist mode of growth, this would cast doubt on whether it could move towards a British post-Fordism.

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