Church, Nation and Race: Catholics and Antisemitism in by Ulrike Ehret


By Ulrike Ehret

Church, state and Race compares the worldviews and elements that promoted or, certainly, antagonistic antisemitism among Catholics in Germany and England after the 1st international warfare. As a prequel to books on Hitler, fascism, and genocide, the e-book turns in the direction of principles and attitudes that preceded and formed the ideologies of the Twenties and Forties. except the lengthy culture of Catholic anti-Jewish prejudices, the e-book discusses new and outdated possible choices to ecu modernity provided by means of Catholics in Germany and England. This ebook is a political historical past of principles that introduces Catholic perspectives of contemporary society, race, state and the "Jewish question." It exhibits to what quantity those perspectives have been in a position to tell political and social task. Church, country and Race will curiosity teachers and scholars of antisemitism, ecu historical past, German, and British history.

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That will eliminate the youth of those nations, leaving only elderly and C3 people to deal with. 26 At a time when the advantages and disadvantages of eugenics were widely discussed in the British public, the meaning and implications of ‘race’ gained more attention. In most Catholic publications examined here, the term ‘race’ was often used to describe the Jews as a nation, or as an ethnic group determined by their culture and history. The term was, however, always used to describe Jews as a separate entity.

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