Chinese Vernacular Dwelling by Shan Deqi


By Shan Deqi

Chinese language Vernacular living describes the vernacular dwellings, or flats, all through China, comparable to the traditional Lijiang Streets, the Huizhou living, the Guangxi Mountain Villages, and the Zhang living in valuable Yunnan. The book¡¯s advent discusses the architectural positive aspects of a few of the different types of vernacular dwellings. With colour photographs.

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Ground. It is also the fine products of Dong architectural art. The drum tower can be divided into two parts: the lower part like pavilion while the upper part like a pagoda. The lower part is supported by eight columns. The four outside columns are used for supporting the pavilion eaves while the inside columns of China firs are used for supporting the beams. The upper part is constructed with multiple eaves and corbel brackets which can be distinguished into rectangle, hexagon or octagonal eaves.

This is a wood-structured house, its walls are vertically and horizontally built with barked timbers while its roof is covered with planks. The ancient city also welcomes modern people and has many modern shops. The City along Jade Water and Full of Historical Charm The building material can be obtained easily from the local environment while it is simple to master the art of ba�en seam house construction. The original spatial mode of the batten seam house was only a yard which was gradually transformed into more regular amalgamated dwelling under the influence of foreign culture.

So, they were very successful both in business and in officialdom. They engaged in salt, tea, pawn and publication businesses. T h e f o r t u n e wa s c o n centrated more and more in their hand. The stable economic foundation gave an impetus to culture’s de v e l o p m e n t a n d i n turn, progressive culture The Old Street at Tunxi has a commercial history of more than 100 years, and is still an important commercial district of today’s Tunxi. Chinese Vernacular Dwelling promoted Huizhou merchants’ opening 28 spirit in external intercourse and made economy more prosperous.

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