Chance - Vought Corsair F4U-7 & AU-1 by Patrick Marchand,Junko Takamori

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By Patrick Marchand,Junko Takamori

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They can merely ask the people about their past and guess how they got that way. Another authority who has written about the research on prediction and diagnosis is Robyn Dawes, a professor in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie-Mellon University. ”35 In his section on clinical prediction Dawes discusses the research on using interviews to make evaluations and predictions about a variety of 40 Missions & PsychoHeresy individuals, from medical school entrants to parolees. 37 In his “Overview and Implications” section, Dawes says: Moreover, as we have seen, the inability to predict implies a lack of understanding—not because understanding and prediction are synonymous but because a claim to understanding implies an ability to predict.

The primary concern here has to do with personality tests, since these are the ones given to missionary candidates. Crucial in the determination to use any of these tests is whether they meet reliability and validity criteria. In other words, do these tests give accurate information? Do they do what they are meant to do? If missionary candidates are being judged according to these tests, these tests should at least meet the minimum requirements of reliability and validity. Therefore, before discussing the personality tests in detail, we will explain these two extremely important psychological testing features: reliability and validity.

These unbiblical, unscientific, unreliable, unsubstantiated diagnoses and recommendations for or against missionary service made by mental health professionals must be stopped! 4 Myth Two Psychological Testing Diagnosis and prediction, as the result of an interview by a mental health professional is often coupled with the use of psychological tests. However, psychological tests are sometimes used alone as a means of screening candidates. The test results are then interpreted according to the manuals provided with the tests.

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