Cell Culture Lab Fax (Labfax Series) by M. Butler, M. Dawson, B. D. Hames, D. Rickwood


By M. Butler, M. Dawson, B. D. Hames, D. Rickwood

Curiosity has progressively elevated within the mammalian mobilephone cultures for a large choice of functions. telephone tradition Labfax is a handy elementary reference instrument for all researchers and scholars in biology, biotechnology, and biomedicine who at present use or might want to use animal mobile tradition. This new quantity within the LABFAX sequence comprehensively covers reference info suitable to phone tradition, therefore getting rid of the necessity to seek via quite a few journals, manuals, and catalogs. Spiral sure with a difficult case for sturdiness, this e-book can be utilized as a primary reference instrument on the laboratory bench. An index is helping find evidence fast. this information e-book enhances protocol-oriented laboratory publications with up to date information and references on phone strains, tradition options, phone characterization, separation, cloning, media, upkeep, development elements, items, apparatus, safeguard, terminology, providers, and institutions.

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