Catalyst Deactivation 1991 by C.H. Bartholomew, J.B. Butt

Chemical Engineering

By C.H. Bartholomew, J.B. Butt

Catalyst Deactivation 1991 used to be an elevated model of prior, hugely winning symposia. The symposium featured invited and solicited papers together with four plenary lectures, seventy eight oral shows and 23 poster papers. many of the papers are contained during this quantity.

The 8 major issues emphasized at this most up-to-date symposium have been: deactivation mechanisms/phenomena (carbon deposition, poisoning, and sintering), equipment (modeling and techniques), and demanding catalysts (hydrotreating, oxides, and zeolites). All of those parts have been good represented as attested via the enormous variety of papers contained in those complaints. 4 evaluate papers in response to the plenary lectures supply cutting-edge views on new thrusts in deactivation study and improvement.

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