Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic: Essays in the History of the by Frank Moore Cross

Old Testament

By Frank Moore Cross

Directed towards a synthesis of the historical past of the faith of Israel, the essays during this quantity deal with key points of Israelite spiritual improvement. Frank Moore move lines the continuities among early Israelite faith and the Caananite tradition from which it emerged, explores the stress among the mythic and the ancient in Israel's non secular expression, and examines the reemergence of Caananite mythic fabric within the apocalypticism of early Christianity and the lifeless Sea Scrolls.

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M A D3 (Chicago. 1957). pp. 26-36. esp. p. 28; Old Akkadian Writing and Grafnmar. 2nd ed. M A D2 (Chicago, 1961), pp. 139-142, 145-148. " I. J. C. the god JIl plays a farge role. 6 Occasionally the divine name is spelled ila which many scholars have normalized /'iHih/. 7 It is perhaps best to take the -a of ila as a morpheme denoting predicate state both in Amorite and Old Akkadian. 8 Among the more interesting ·Amorite names are those compounded with sumu "the name," sumuhu "his name, " plus the· element JII or Jila.

Crowned with crescent or crescent and disc, standing on a trilon holding a scepter in the left hand, a dove in the right. I find it easiest to identify as one the goddess portrayed in the three types; in any case Derketo should be seen in the latter two coins. Of course. " "~queen," is appropriately applied to anyone of the three great goddesses. Asherah, U garitic >aliratu yanuni, ""she who treads on the sea," has the only clear marine connections of the three. "llo >E/at of Tyre l l l is also portrayed as a goddess of the sea on Tyrian coins.

Ilum [DINGIR-lum]). Dagnu (later Dagan> Heb. dagan, Phoen. dag6n) and Baci $apan are third and fourth respectively. 10 The designation 'il-'ib, Hurrian en atn, plural enna-sta atlanna/staJ apparently applies to a generic type of deity, 5. Gelb, Old A kkadian Writing and Gralnmar, p. 6. 6. Cf. Huffmon, Anlorite Nanles (Baltimore, Johns Hopkins' Pres'S~ 1965), p. 165, and the literature cited. 7. Cf. Huffmon. Afflorite Names, p. 165, and the literature cited. 8. Cf. I. J. Gelb, Old Akkadian Gra'~l1nar (Chicago.

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