Buster and the Amazing Daisy: Adventures With Asperger by Nancy Ogaz

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By Nancy Ogaz

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Buster reared up and took it, munching happily. Daisy sat down on a big tree stump and held out another bud. “Come on, Buster… Hop up here,” she coaxed. And he did. Soon a few kids noticed the rabbit. Daisy watched them approach. It’s okay, she assured herself. It’s okay. It’s just Hampton Sweeney and his friends. “Hi, Daisy,” Hampton said. ” Everyone called him Hammy. He didn’t seem to mind. Daisy thought he was nice. She kept stroking Buster. ” “He’s just out for a little fresh air and exercise.

My name is Annie,” the girl said. ” Daisy was telling Annie about her Aunt Rosie, a professional animal trainer, when the bell interrupted her. ” Annie called as she hurried off to class. Daisy scooped up Buster and trotted off to her own classroom. She felt bouncy and light. “Laurel wasn’t avoiding me, Buster,” Daisy whispered. ” The next day Laurel was back at school. ” she called, strolling over with Annie and some other kids. “I hear Buster’s learned a cute trick. ” Daisy grinned. “Up, Buster!

And scritchy-scratchy sounds! ” “Oh! ” Laurel stopped scratching. “Smells? You know, smells like Chinese food or gasoline or things like that. Any strong smells. And loud noises – those really freak me out! Like in crowds when people start clapping. Oooh…” Daisy shuddered and took a deep breath. ” Daisy twiddled with the figures hanging on her bracelet. ” Laurel rolled over and gently tugged Buster onto her stomach. “But lots of people get lost or like matching clothes. That’s not so different.

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