Bunker Archaeology by Paul Virilio


By Paul Virilio

Out of print for nearly a decade we're delighted to deliver again certainly one of our such a lot asked hard-to-find titles—philosopher and cultural theorist Paul Virilio's Bunker Archeology. In 1994 we released the 1st English-language translation of the vintage French variation of 1975 which followed an exhibition of Virilio's pictures on the Centre Pompidou. In Bunker Archeology urbanist Paul Virilio turns his attention—and camera—to the ominous but unusually compelling German bunkers that lie deserted alongside the coast of France. those ghostly reminders of destruction and oppression brought on Virilio to think about the character of battle and lifestyles in terms of either global warfare II and modern occasions. Virilio discusses fortresses and armed forces area more often than not in addition to the bunkers themselves together with an exam of the function of Albert Speer Hitler's architect within the upward push of the 3rd Reich.

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No vember J Fi~t Rommt'l 's KOrpi. ;ainsr the ~"ship-raiders" sh ip-r-diders " in the rhe Gironde. Novemher 19 Georgii K. Zhukov's counteroffensive in Stalingrad. NO llemher /9 G("Orgii K . Srulingr-dd. ~h . , i1 co o G Daemher The be~j beginning construction the nurth north of Del'emher nn ing of const runion of four "cyclops" in rhe France. From rnl'St' these bLinke bunkers be launched rhe the firs firstt srmrospheric strarospheric rocke rockets. Franct'. rs will he rs. V1 asscmb assembling --Watren: W,men : V2 l in~ and firing assembling and firing firing,, (IS as well rocket stagt's stages desisn<-'" designed to - \V'i Wizernes: zernt:'S: V2 :lssl'mbling wdl as mckl't York..

Mai operHn g of dw French front. (rom. i\Ja; 10 The opening the French j lllll: Annexation Annt'xacion of Norway. NurwllY. I"I1t! Armisritt: bt:lwl"Cn Frant'{° Hod Rt'ich. The Gt'rmans June 22 Armistice between France and the th e Reich. Germans occupy, , H o N o o , This project p roject is rhe ina b ili t y of tht" IS a silln sign of the inabilit the German warlord w to makt' make judgt'mt'm s in terms of naval (()01 bat _ All of rht" weakntsscs of the Atlantic Atlami(" judgements combat. the weaknesses \'(Iall artWall are ht"rt" bere alrei\Jy already Slimmed summed up_ up.

LA' r III ~'" K I~ 1111 :- 'I'II AHoIl ', 01' nOVI'1I 102 103 'I"IH II /II{,I' I' I HI ,, ( ; C () :-; T R( JI T () W I' I! 1:\ Til l, I , A ,\ 11 CS 104 1lOS 05 K {I It () I. A"" I' II( I "'< ( ; C ()" T It () I. il " T I C lOG 106 "" IlAIU]jI ILI"" I'IHI :-: , "el , T IUli. T()W I, I( I " 107 Ti l l 1. ,1 " I )I 'S .. 'K ,\ I( ( ) LJI I 1 I( 1 " ( ; C \ ) N I R \J L T () IX' I I{ () lOB ID8 ~ Til r. 1 T I . II "T Ie .. 1' ~ I ()I . II l l. ;f '\(; I · l)h~I{,' IIOln r(A A~II)l 109 109 () 1\ S I: H V II ·n ()" l'I)~T I' () S T \( II I1 S I '\!

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