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By Sallie B. King

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The no-reality nature m eans that because all things lack the m ark o f reality, there is no other possessor of reality from which [reality] can be attained. (7 9 4 a -b ) In the present context, the function of these three no-natures is to identify the essential nature of the Tathagata, or Buddha, nature with 42 THE CONCEPT OF BUDDHA NATURE emptiness in order to legitimize it in terms of orthodox theories of the emptiness of all things and to turn aside potential objections that the Buddha nature is a crypto-Hindu entitative mind or soul.

Though he acquired fame for his work and monks traveled great distances to learn from him, he faced the opposition of powerful monks at court and was blocked from moving to the capital. He died at the age of 70,with his disciples determined to transmit his work. When one considers the kind of life Paramartha lived, it is difficult to imagine how he managed to produce the number and quality of works that he did, works whose message and intellectual power were to influence the development of Chinese Buddhism for centuries to come.

In this passage, the author is indicating a certain quality that life may have. Life is able to have this quality both because the world (objective reality) is the way it is (Thus) and because we are the way we are. If either of these qualities were missing, life would not have this quality. Although this may sound to the reader like a complex way of talking about the same subjective states that were earlier rejected, closer examination shows this not to be the case, for this would be to render the sentence according to (1) and to ignore (2).

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