British Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars by Philip Haythornthwaite, Adam Hook


By Philip Haythornthwaite, Adam Hook

An in depth, illustrated reference geared toward modellers, wargamers, historians and re-enactors. huge captions provide info, info and motives on Napoleonic subject matters.

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Nevertheless, the deep depressions worn into the flights of steps that lead from the Cields to the Great Wall's battlements show that considerable activily went on along the Wall. Much time would be spent bringing in supplies, cleaning and repairing weapons and tower maintenance. <. required bows, particularly crossbows, and later guns were used. Spears, halberds and swords were the main edged weapons with which to repel a raiding party, while stones could be dropped from the ajX'rtures along the parapet.

After another Mongol raid in 1553 tIle unfortunate crewmen involved feit 'isolated and helpless', They lacked equipment and felt that they were being made to 'tackie dragons with their bare hands'. In contrast we have records of valour from 1547 when the sons of border soldiers who had died in battle were promoted in rank. The tactical strength of the Ming Great Wall has already been alluded to, and this accounts for the paucity of records of any actual major fighting across its formidable ramparts.

Some sections of very ancient pre-Ming wails have survived in Inner Mongolia, including the wall built by the state of Zhao in the Warring States Period. The extant section was built of compressed earth and is about 2m high. ~e<:tion Lea.... lhe G....... gins a dramatiC ascent of the Yanshan Mountains at Jiaoshan. mple upper ~torey with twO has an levels of loopholes and merlons. Thef"li! is .. pit<;hed roof and prominent drainage spouts. It is one of the oldest relics of the Great Wall. A preserved section of the Qin Great Wall, constructed out of dry stonework, is lo be found south of J-1ohhot.

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