Body Cultures: Essays on Sport, Space & Identity by Henning by John Bale, Chris Philo

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By John Bale, Chris Philo

Physique Cultures explores the connection among the physique, activity and panorama. This e-book offers the 1st significantly edited number of Henning Eichberg's seven provocative essays into ''body culture''. Eichberg, a widely known student in continental Europe who attracts upon the information of Elias, Focault, Habermas and others, is now attracting enormous curiosity from sociologists, historians and geographers. This assortment has been largely edited to spotlight Eichberg's most crucial arguments and topics. The editors concentration really on Eichberg's provocative claims concerning the inspiration of area: from the micro-scale of ways human our bodies ''express'' themselves or are officially ''disciplined'' via their activities in house, to the macro-scale of ways our bodies and cultures are invented and contested in reference to the self- identities they arrive to own in given destinations. Introductory essays supply transparent motives and interpretations in addition to a biography of Eichberg.

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He admitted that the book comes close to recounting a historical transformation of sport from ritual to record, but that he finds this problematic (Eichberg, 1990a, p. 132). In ‘Thinking dangerously’ he mentions his ‘quarrel with those linear descriptive models established in sociology, “regularities” and interpretations, lastly therefore also with my own scientific and political starting points’ (Eichberg, 1990b, p. , was shown by the history of the body to be the superstructure of a specific modern, western-industrial pattern of behaviour.

THINKING DANGEROUSLY: NOTES TOWARD THE BIOGRAPHY OF AN EXILE In 1989 Frank Teichmann completed a dissertation at the University of Hamburg entitled Henning Eichberg—National Revolutionary Perspectives in Sports Science. How Political is Sport Science? (Teichmann, 1991). The dissertation was a vituperative attack on Eichberg for his (imputed) leadership of the New Right-wing movement in Germany. It explained his multiple publications in left-wing journals as an attempt to ‘infiltrate’ the left and the Greens in a kind of ‘conspiracy’.

It thus brought along a certain shift from the spatial orientation to a temporal orientation. A finding that refers to an anchoring of changing thought in the elementary presuppositions of behaviour, in social praxis. (Eichberg, 1980, p. 22) 39 INTRODUCTORY ESSAYS Next, in a move reminiscent of Elias’s analysis of the court society, Eichberg proceeds to link these changing conceptions of time and space to changes in interpersonal relations: From the changes developing throughout the medium of illustrations one can gain new insights into the historical conditions of our concept of achievement outside of sport.

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