Blitzkrieg in the West, 1939-42 by Jeffrey Ethell


By Jeffrey Ethell

Blitzkrieg within the West, 1939-42 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Blitzkrieg within the West, 1939-42 (Luftwaffe at battle 03)ByJeffrey EthellPublisher: Greenhill Books199772 Pages ISBN: 1853672831PDF26 MBFor the 1st 12 months of the battle, the Luftwaffe proved itself a perilous tactical air strength, aiding the Wehr macht go through the Low international locations. Its pilots have been extra e xperienced than these of the Allies yet its strategic shortc omings have been quickly exposed.BitroadDepositfiles eighty five

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This was the corps that controlled all the Luftwaffe’s airborne units. It could mean only one thing. /KG 4 had been earmarked for a completely new role. The crews’ suspicions were confirmed when mechanics began fixing towing attachments to their newly delivered He 111s. On 7 March the first Gotha Go 242 transport gliders were flown in to Fassberg. 1 at Parchim, and then at Fassberg. )/KG 55 ‘Greif’, Königsberg-Gutenfeld, October 1944 28 CHAPTER THREE 46 commence operations, but there was a delay in the provision of pilots for the Go 242s.

For the Luftwaffe this was the pinnacle of the entire Arctic convoy campaign. Although the Gruppe despatched another 22 machines to attack PQ 18 on 14 September, they failed to repeat the success of the previous day. /KG 26 or by one of the 18 accompanying Ju 88s of III. /KG 26’s casualty returns list nine crews missing on this date. Its third and final mission against the convoy, flown on 16 September, consisted of just eight He 111s. The crews scored no successes and suffered no losses. /KG 26 had lost 12 aircraft in action against PQ 18.

The whole battlefield is bathed in a greenishwhite light. Tracers flicker back and forth between the opposing lines. S TA L I N G R A D A He 111 tows a heavily camouflaged Go 242 transport glider low over the Russian countryside Then, for a few seconds, everything is blackness again. Over there – a ripple of muzzle flashes. An artillery barrage. A moment or two later the bright fiery blossoms of the exploding shells. More flares climb into the night sky. More angry bursts of tracer carve a horizontal web through the darkness.

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