Biobased surfactants and detergents : synthesis, properties, by Douglas G Hayes; et al

Chemical Engineering

By Douglas G Hayes; et al

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Bogoriensis exist in di-, mono-, and un-acetylated forms, in which the primary alcohol functions of the sophorose moiety were variously esterified to an acetyl group. These investigators then pioneered the biochemistry of sophorolipid biosynthesis in R. bogoriensis. The first enzymes they characterized were the glycosyl- and acetyl-transferase activities of this yeast (Esders & Light, 1972b). , sophorolipid). The two glucosyltransferases, however, were co-purified throughout all the procedures and could not be individually separated and/or isolated.

Environ. , 1982, 43, 1278-1283. Kappeli, 0. Cytochromes P-450 of Yeasts. Microbiol. , 1986, 50, 244-258. Kastelic-Suhadolc,T. Cholesteryl Glucoside in Candida bogoriensis. Biochim. Biophys. , 1980, 620,322-325. Kotrba, R. The Glycerine Spread. , September 2007, pp. 50-55. Asperger. Ashby et al. Yeast Candida apicokz: Heterogeneity and Polymerase Chain Reaction-Mediated Cloning of Two Genes. Yeart, 1996, 12, 565-575. ; R. Rothlisberger; E Wagner. Cosmetic Composition Containing One Sophorose Lipid-Lactone and Its Use.

The constituent mono-, di-, or oligosaccharides include glucose, mannose, galactose, -51 9 52 0 U. Rau and D. Kitamoto glucuronic acid, rhamnose, and galactose sulphate. , 1999; Lang, 2002). Mannosylerythritol lipid (MEL) is one of the most promising glycolipids for widespread applications in the future. Beside mannose and fatty acids/ alcohols of different chain lengths, it also contains the sugar alcohol erythritol. , 2000). , 2002). , 2OO1b) are also known. Kitamoto et al. (2002), reviewed the functions and potential applications of MEL.

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