Berlin Games: How the Nazis Stole the Olympic Dream by Guy Walters


By Guy Walters

IN 1936, Adolf Hitler welcomed the area to Berlin to wait the Olympic video games. It promised to be not just an impressive carrying occasion but additionally a grand exhibit for the rebuilt Germany. No attempt was once spared to offer the 3rd Reich because the most up-to-date international energy. yet underneath the glittering floor, the video games of the 11th Olympiad of the fashionable period got here to behave as a crucible for the darkish political forces that have been amassing, foreshadowing the bloody clash to come back.

The 1936 Olympics have been not anything lower than the main political carrying occasion of the final century—an epic conflict among proponents of barbarism and people of civilization, either one of whom attempted to take advantage of the video games to advertise their very own values. Berlin Games is the whole historical past of these fateful weeks in August. it's a tale of the athletes and their accomplishments, an eye-opening account of the Nazi machine's brazen try to use the video games as a version of Aryan superiority and fascist potency, and a devastating indictment of the manipulative strength video games of politicians, diplomats, and Olympic officers that may eventually have profound results for the whole global.

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