Beginner's Assyrian by David G. Lyon


By David G. Lyon

This booklet features a precise define of Assyrian grammar, transliterated texts, an intensive thesaurus and a accomplished checklist of alphabets. Aramaic is usually referred to as Assyrian and information of it's a needs to for any critical pupil of the bible. The guideline advisor is designed for these intere4sted in studying to learn the language.

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Sample text

IT 1 NlfaL iiiakan . . tuiakkan . . tuiakkan . . taliakan . . tuiakkan . . tuSaikan . . lallakan . . tulakkani . . tuiaikant . . taiiakant 1. c. aiakan. . uiakkan . . uiaikan . . ailakan P l . 3. m. ilak a n ü (n i) . ulakkanti(ni) . ufaiA:anA(nt) . t£JaA*an6(m) 3. f . iSakand(ni) . uiaWana(ni_) . uiaikand(ni) . iiiakand(ni) 2. m. talakanü. . tuiakkanä . . fufajfcanß . . tallakanü 2. f . talakanü . . tusakkand . . fuiaiiana . . taiiakand 1. c. niiakan . . nuiakkan .

I R r i pa-ä si-ru -u S -S u ip-hu-ru- n a p -3 a -t u ä matu I l a m t i « a -n a i-n a < # u k u ssi ip -[tu ]-m a Sa [ i n a ] amiiu Kal-dä-a-a u im aa-r a -[d u S a m -m a k i - r i b Ö t i ° - a n - n a « i - r u - u b . ü A k k a d iw ik -p u -u d lib. L a -h i-r i h a b - l a - t i s i-r u -u S -S u b a -S i-i s i-m a 6-tf-S u 7 u - d i- lu ™ a n -ag a m - m f u - r i - d u - m a u -S a b -S u -u si-h u n i-tu m k il-ti ü a b u llip i a li tu k u n ti. 12 k i - r i b h a t-ti ü 15 f-p iS d u n -n a -m u -u am iiu b f l m u n -n a b -tu lim -n u -ti 8 aptf pl 15 SENNACHERIB.

Bakü, ibaSSi 3524 he shall be st. baSd, atamä 35 30 I was speaking at, tamü, ibanna 61® he makes st. almt l l 17 I 8 un*ounded, addi 181» and addä 36a I placed st. ). — Stem I 2 : st. nakd, irtaSi 404 he granted, artidx 8a 20* attald 6015 I sacrificed I pursued. — Stem II 1: u,ia//t 22»° I besought, u§alla 25*® he besought, utammi 4 1 I caused to swear. — Stem I I I 1 : uSabri 2211 he caused to see, uSalmi 33®a I encircled, tdardd 16® I caused to flow, uSarma 39® I caused to inhabit, tdfarJd 22*® lie gra n ted ; Sunna 85w cause to inhabit.

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