Barasano Syntax: Studies in the Languages of Colombia 2 by Wendell Jones


By Wendell Jones

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2002. Language and Literacy Danlopment in Bilingual children. rr. 1994. The Language Instincr. Newyork \Tilliam Morrow. Piper, T. 1993. Language and Learning: The Home and SchoolYears 2nd edn. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill/Prentice-Hall. Schieffelin, B. and E. ). 1986. Language Socialization Across &hares. Cam bridge : Camb ridge University Press. lhlls, G. 1986. Children Learning Language and Using Language to Learn. hnsmouth, NH: Heinemann. ktsch, J. V I 985. Vygotsky and the Social Formation fu{A Harvard University Press.

Fi )+"* Sus, gss rese thei con 4 Kra Ho. con -t- ry fl€er -l oDn mu. *h; con lear E; Int infe SUIT 1Ir 2C The 3It Exp kining s econd language learning it confusing to hear sentences such as'Ilgiocattoh guarda il bambina' (the toy looking at-the boy). An Itdian speaker, accustomed to more fexible -is word order, focuses on the animacy ofthe two nouns and concludes that the most reasonable interpretation is that the boy is looking at the toy. According to the competition model, second language acquisition requires that learners learn the relative importance of the different cues appropriate in the language they are learning (Mac\Thinney 1997).

Older learners, ispecially students in language classrooms, are more likely to receive only limited exposure to the second language. d to a far smaller range of Yjrh discourse rypes. r"g. d ir,"*o"rt social settings. larrei telcherc switch to their students' first langyag. r"g. in real communication. ir"Jy. Similarly, in second language learning outside of clasirooms, errors that do not interfere with meaning are usually overlooked. on. who was trying to have a conversation with them. Nevertheless, interlocutors may react to an error if they cannot understand what the speaker is trying ro say.

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