Balanced Scorecard Report - The Strategy Execution Source - by Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton


By Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton

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54 Haarlem 1 996 (4) White has gained the advantage from the opening: better devel­ opment, better pawn structure and a space advantage. Black wanted to get at least a material advantage and took a pawn on b2. What unpleasant surprise awaited him? 1. d1 xd8+ we8xd8 Chapter 1 - Hard-to-see moves In this classical game, the great Tairnanov surprised his opponent with 1 2. White now wins a rook thanks to a double attack, in one move with two different pieces. 2. 0-0-0+1 1 -0 Leningrad ch-URS 1 960 (19) 1.

Wb6#. 8 ... Wxc4+ 5. 6. 7. ttJa4-c5+ wb7-c7 W'd4-e5+ Wc7-c8 lld1 -d6+- Chapter 1 - Hard-to-see moves EXERCISE 6 ****** Novikov,Stanislav Efimenko,Zahar (variation) Moscow 20 I 0 (8) D This pos1t10n was investigated by Larry Christiansen in an ICC lecture. In his analysis of a variation of the game, Christiansen dem­ onstrates that White can play for the win with a beautiful concept. � I I n v i s i b l e M o ves Solution 6 * * * * * * Novikov,Stanislav Efimenko,Zahar (variation) Moscow 2 0 1 0 (8) rook is taboo due to the mate on e6.

Onir Baku ch-URS 1 96 1 ( 1 2) • Here is a classic example on this theme. 4S Invisible Moves Solution 3 *** Bagirov,Vladimir Kholmov,Ratmir Baku ch-URS 1 9 6 1 ( 1 2) After a preliminary exchange, the arrival on the second rank poses two unstoppable threats : of mate beginning by a check on f2 . and an attack on the queen, while the rook must stay protected. 1. 2. l:rd1 xe1 :te4xe1 + l:re5-e2!! 0-1 46 Chap ter 1 - Hard-to-see moves EXERCISE 4 **** Janssen,Ruud Sokolov,Ivan Leeuwarden ch-NED 2002 (6) • The key to this position is the fight for the d-file.

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