Balanced Scorecard Report - The Strategy Execution Source - by Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton


By Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton

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For example, a small unit of light Cavalry could be comprised of i bases of hussars and 2. bases of lancers, which would represen! 2 under-strength units being grouped together for the duration of the battle. It is also possiblc for a unit to be uphill with only some of their bases but not others. They will only get the +i bonus dice in this situation. • (+i/-i): This unit gets i additional dice and removes one dice from each of its opponents.

They must test a second time if they stand and also wish to reform. '•••es/Retiring Units. MU of the path of a retire move. For the purposes of this rule, Intercept cannot block the assault - so is cancelled abandoned Artillery models are ignored. If this new target can be reached as part of a normal assault move it reacts as if it was the original target. If a new target is contacted within the first half move of a pursuit move then a ind combat may occur. If this target is contacted after the first half move of a pursuit then combat occurs next turn.

That is, troops in Open terrain move as if in ríough, troops in Rough terrain move as if in Difficult. Units in Difficult terrain in Heavy Rain or Snow have their Difficult movement rate halved, but with a mínimum of iMU. owance. e taking of a test (see the Complex Move Test) índ some moves are not allowed. A División Commander uses his Command Points :: make complex moves with troops under his command. He must allocate one Command Point to each unit within his command rango that will terform a Complex MOVÍ Test.

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