Back From Exile: Six Speeches Upon His Return (American by Cicero; D. R. Shackleton Bailey


By Cicero; D. R. Shackleton Bailey

The six speeches contained during this quantity, brought upon Cicero's victorious go back from exile in 57-56 B.C., are the following dropped at lifestyles by means of a very good new English translation that's in accordance with a higher Latin textual content. The notes accompanying the interpretation are written with the overall reader in brain, whereas the 2 indices give you the identical of an onomasticon for those six speeches.

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In Gaius Marius' restoration it was not the memory of his past achievements that counted but the swords of an army; whereas the Senate constantly demanded that the memory of mine should count, and at last made it effective, as soon as that was possible, by a resolution 9 passed in a crowded House. There was no stirring of townships and colonies in their return; whereas all Italy recalled me to my country by her decrees three times over. They were brought back after their enemies had been killed with much shedding of Roman blood; I have been brought back at a time when + those who drove me out are governing provinces and on the motion of one of the Consuls, 10 excellent, mild-natured gentleman that he is, who was personally hostile.

58. Clodius. See Glossary of Terms. See Glossary of Terms. " Sex. Peducaeus; see Index I under Curtius and Peducaeus. 15 BACK FROM EXILE in carrying through his efforts on my behalf in the face of armed violence, I should have recovered my rights last January. Good will urged him forward, violence checked him, but your authority called him back. As for the Praetors, you could judge of their sentiments toward me by their behavior. Lucius Caecilius was eager to sustain me privately with all his resources, whereas publicly he announced a law for my restoration in conjunction with almost all his colleagues and did not allow59 the plunderers of my property to take legal action.

It is easier to avenge an injury than to repay a kindness; to get the better of rascals takes less effort than to square accounts with honest men. Furthermore, it is less necessary to repay our debts to people who have deserved ill of us than to such as have deserved excellently well. [23] Hatred can be softened by pleas; it can be set aside in consideration of the needs of the Commonwealth and the general good; it can be restrained by the difficulty of exacting retribution; it can be appeased by the passage of time.

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