B-26 Marauder Units of the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces by Jerry Scutts


By Jerry Scutts

The medium bomber 'workhorse' of the 9th Air strength, Martin's much-maligned B-26 Marauder recovered from its negative begin with the 8th Air strength to head on and equip at least 8 bomber teams within the ETO. even though firstly dubbed 'the widow maker', a metamorphosis of strategies from low- to medium-level bombing for the Marauder quickly more advantageous the crews' possibilities of survival – certainly, by way of war's finish it boasted a reduce loss-per-sortie ratio than the other twin-engined bomber within the USAAF. This quantity covers all points of Marauder operations in Western Europe, that includes first hand debts from surviving B-26 crews, plus an research of the strategies hired.

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