At the Mountain of God: Story and Theology in Exodus 32-34 by R. W. L. Moberly

Old Testament

By R. W. L. Moberly

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20:4a, 20:23). 2^ Such a close connection between the first two commandments is most clearly visible in Deuteronomy, especially in Deut. 2^ This linkage need not be labelled as specifically "deuteronomic" for there is no evidence of any other OT writer who would have disagreed and made any sharp separation between the two commandments. 2 ^ The designation of the people as "stiff-necked", which forms the basis for Yahweh's anger and judgment, introduces one of the key motifs 26 of 32-34 (cf. 33:3,5, 34:9), which will be discussed at 34:9.

32-34 are distinct from that of the surrounding material. And a comparatively superficial reading of Ex. 32-34 reveals that it contains a rounded, and to a certain extent self-contained, story. It is reasonable, therefore, in terms of the presentation within Exodus to treat Ex. 32-34 as a narrative in its own right, whose contents are to be interpreted primarily in relationship to themselves. At the same time, however, the narrative must be taken as it is presented as a part of a larger whole. One must consider the exegetical significance, in order of priority, of the larger Sinai context, Ex.

Both scenes have a certain exemplary quality, the juxtaposition of which forms an effective contrast. Secondly, the theme of Yahweh's faithfulness to his promise despite seemingly impossible obstacles is evident in other JE stories, most notably the Abraham cycle (Gen. 12-25) and probably also the Balaam cycle (Num. 22-24) where Num. 22:6 indicates an interpretation of the cycle in terms of a challenge to Yahweh's promise in Gen. 12:3 and the way in which the challenge is overcome. This suggests an interpretation of Ex.

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