Assessing the Value of Information Superiority for Ground by Dan Gonzales

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By Dan Gonzales

During this file dwe learn the significance fo Command, keep watch over, Commuincations, desktops, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance sysrems for floor strength maneuver operations.

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Such a development involves incorporating the COFM rule set into the operational-level decisionmaking process. By incorporating the effect of operational-level battlefield awareness, we can test the effect advanced IS systems have on combat outcomes. , thresholds to change from attack to defend, or retreat S Changes in operational objectives, risk factors  NDRI 25 The Division commander follows a simple set of rules: (1) Each brigade’s attack is checked in priority order. (2) If the COFM for a brigade is above or below its minimum required value (δmin) and the brigade is attacking or defending, respectively, then the brigade attack/defense is said to be substantiated and nothing is done.

The inverse dependence of Red and Blue on decision delay is highlighted by the regression analysis. Blue loses less often when it has very short decision delay and as Red decision delay increases. On the other hand, Red wins more often if Blue has a large decision delay and as Red decision delay increases. One striking result is that Blue has about a four times greater chance of losing if the Blue decisionmaking delay time increases from 1 to 30 minutes and if Red decisionmaking delay is 30 minutes.

On the other hand, Blue’s chance of winning is much less strongly dependent on its decisionmaking delay if Red decision delay is a minimum (about 1 minute). 45 Summary of Comm Delay Results for Minimum Red and Blue Decision Delays RedBlue Loss/Blue WinsWin Blue RedLoss/Red Wins Win 100 100 Number of Cases in 100 Repetitions 90 80 90 80 70 70 Number of Cases in 100 Repetitions 60 60 50 50 40 40 30 30 20 20 10 10 R30 0 0 R15 B30 Blue B15 Comm Delay R00 B00 R30 B30 Red Comm Delay Blue Comm Delay R15 B15 B00 R00 Red Comm Delay  NDRI 46 Shown here is the summary of communications delay results for the case where both Red and Blue have minimum decisionmaking delay.

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