Ashura: This Blood Spilled in My Veins by Jalal Toufic

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By Jalal Toufic

Al-Husayn, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad and the son of the 1st Shi'ite imam, 'Al?, used to be slaughtered along many individuals of his kin within the desolate tract in 680. This reminiscence is torture to me. yet, primarily, you'll say "this reminiscence is torture to me" of each reminiscence, when you consider that each one memory envelops at a few point the reminiscence of the foundation of reminiscence, the torture that needed to be inflicted on people for you to lead them to be mindful (Nietzsche). The reminiscence that the once a year commemoration of '?sh?r?' is attempting to keep up is not just that of the prior, but in addition and usually the reminiscence of the longer term, specifically the promise of the Parousia of the 12th imam, the long-awaited Mahd?--notwithstanding the passage of a millennium seeing that his occultation--as good because the corresponding promise of Twelver Shi'ites to attend for him. '?sh?r?': a of threat of an unconditional promise.

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Donald Nicholson-Smith, with an introduction by Daniel Lagache [New York: Norton, 1973], 212-213). 3 Among other factors, we can call the long primeval period the “prehistory of man” for the following two complementary reasons. The first is that he had a flighty mind and was attuned only to the passing moment, and so was unable to produce the deep temporality of past/present/future required to construct a history. , the most atrocious and frequent torture, was happening then, with the result that that period, the most traumatic of all, was and still is repressed, and consequently is not included in our history—it is as it were humanity’s infantile amnesia.

Ibn al-‘Arabı– “calls the intermediate world of imagination ‘discontiguous – Many of those present at the assemblies of ‘Ashu– ra– ’ cover their faces with their hands. When they remove their hands one drawing on psychoanalysis (see Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”). often can see that they were crying. But sometimes, one suddenly espies through a gap between their fingers that they are 7 At the base of all language, at least once originally forgetful humanity has achieved the long-term memory that is a yawning!

Then a white animal that’s sight and was executed for declaring what he witnessed, for instance: “I am the True Reality (God)” (Ana– al- smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey … and that places its foot at the farthest extent of its vision with H . aqq). “They led him from the prison … (to the esplanade) where they cut off his hands and feet, after having each new step was brought to me, and I was carried over it. Gabriel set out with me until we reached the nearest flogged him with 500 lashes of the whip.

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