"As It Is Written" and Other Citation Formulae in the Old by Kevin L. Spawn

Old Testament

By Kevin L. Spawn

This quantity examines using quotation formulae within the outdated testomony. After demonstrating the inability of consensus and process within the remedy of such exegetical units, the writer addresses the necessity for a sustained exam of quotation formulae and similar expressions. This inquiry makes a speciality of the cautious id of the referents of quotation bases as a foundation for the examine of inner-biblical exegesis. extra insights are provided at the improvement of such exegetical units, the hermeneutics of the post-exilic neighborhood, and the syntax of comparative statements in Hebrew.

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For example, the expression (enlarged) in 2 Sam 24:19 is a compound citation base. (2 Sam 24:19) \ ΠΙΓΡ ΓΠ2Ϊ Ί 0 Κ 3 Ί Γ Ί 3 Ί 3 n i Τ ! Τ · V -i - Τ - S · . , r n i n a a i n s s in Neh 10:35 [34]) it may be referred to as an "independent citation base". These are the most basic terms that will be employed throughout our research and we will develop them as we proceed. V. Conclusion The above survey has used Neh 10:35 (34) to represent the lack of consensus and method in scholarship concerning the treatment of the relationship between citation formulae and their referents in the OT.

Ii. The Syntax and Semantic Nature of the Nominal Phrases of the First Element Syntactically, the referents of these regnal source formulae include various nominal constructions that are in casus pendens. According to Muraoka, "casus pendens plays an active and important role in the whole structure of Biblical Hebrew Satzlehre"*2. 500 years in light of the range of dates scholars assign to these books. C. (cf. 2 Kgs 25:27-30). C. since the narrative of Kings ends at a point shortly before the overthrow of Babylon which is a watershed event that would probably have been included by the historiographer of the Israelite monarchy.

The Development of a Method What we have not indicated yet is the manner in which every identification of a referent assumes, wittingly or unwittingly, some understanding of the syntax of prepositional phrases. That is, the identification of the referent of ΓΠΪΡΰ ΠΊΓΟ? in Neh 10:35 (34) is inextricably linked to the syntax of such sentence constituents. Since the syntax of Classical Hebrew has received considerable analysis, this resource must be a central part of our method and should provide some direction to the state of the problem reviewed in the previous section.

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