Armour in England from the earliest times to the reign of by J. Starkie Gardner


By J. Starkie Gardner

Раритетная книга. Рассказ об английских рыцарских доспехах до господства Джеймса I

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Some of the horses have long housings and also bear the fan-crest. mail coiffe, the bassinet, often visored, and the broad-brimmed round helmet are worn, except in jousts, quite indifferently. The head, being the most vulnerable part of the body and the most difficult to protect, received the The great greatest amount of attention. helm, with bands and cross-cuts for the sight, continued in use throughout the Transition, but with a sugar - loaf crown, and rendered less insupportable in the reign of Edward I.

At Cressy the horses were sent the to while the forming into battalions of archers supported by dismounted men-at-arms, took up its ground and waited the attack. The weight of armour carried by the rear, army, men-at-arms made any forward movement on their part impossible on foot. By good fortune the 15,000 Genoese cross-bowmen, who might on the English, were unable to use their bows, and the French coming up quite out of hand, charged and retreated as the spirit moved them, without deploying into any battle formation, and have inflicted severe loss Our the well-known results.

Reign of massed for I. to that of 1272-1399 mounted on and Edward dale, battle whether pricking was a picturesque and portentous his charger, presented an awe-inspiring sight. under lowering skies, relieved by the fluttering pennons and banners and emblazoned shields, formed a picture that the old Crusading Chroniclers loved to dwell on, gray burnished steel, glittering in the sun or gatherings of the chivalry of In the days of the last of the Paladins, of Godfrey de Bouillon Europe. and Richard Cceur de Lion, the dress of burnished mail was the knight's filling the imagination with those great and no garment concealed it.

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