Argonauts of the Desert: Structural Analysis of the Hebrew by Philippe Wajdenbaum

Old Testament

By Philippe Wajdenbaum

'Argonauts of the wasteland' provides a progressive new statement at the Bible and its origins, arguing that almost all biblical tales and legislation have been encouraged by way of Greek literature. From Genesis to Kings, the books of the Bible could have been written via a unmarried writer, a Hellenized Judean pupil who used Plato's perfect country within the legislation as a major resource. As such, biblical Israel is a game of that twelve tribes nation and the tales surrounding the start, existence and loss of life of that kingdom have been encouraged by way of Greek epics. every one bankruptcy provides the biblical fabric and compares this to the Greek or Roman equivalents, discussing similarities and modifications.

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The resemblance between the biblical and historical Israel is super¿cial, not substantial. Then who produced the Bible, if not ‘Ancient Israel’? 63 Literature is not the product of a society but of an intellectual, literate elite. But even if the Bible was the production of the elite, Davies doubts that the Bible reÀects any particular religion that existed prior to it. The Bible created the Jews, not the other way around. The Bible was ¿rst created in the Judean establishment, then later was adopted by Judean society as a national history with the aid of political power—that of the Hasmonean kings.

In the latter book, Lévi-Strauss is faced with a puzzle in the chapter Mythes indiens, contes français:32 some North-American myths share striking similarities with European tales. E. and often told tales as an exchange for hospitality. The stories of Lynx, Coyote and Snanaz resemble a mixture of French tales such as Jean le Teigneux (a hero with an ugly skin who then is revealed to be beautiful) and Jean de l’Ours (a hero raised by an animal who ends up marrying the king’s daughter), while the story of twins in Lodge Boy and Thrown-away seems to be an exact copy of the French novel Valentin et Orson (two twins separated at birth—one raised in society [hence in culture], the other in nature—who become heroes together when they met as adults).

As an 24. Lévi-Strauss, Anthropologie structurale, 83. 1 18 Argonauts of the Desert initial biblical example let us take the binding of Isaac in Genesis 22. Abraham is about to sacri¿ce his son to Yahweh when a divine messenger stops him. Abraham sacri¿ces a ram, whose horns are embedded in a bush, instead of Isaac. In the Greek variant, Athamas, King of Boeotia, is about to sacri¿ce his son Phrixos to Zeus because of a false oracle, when a winged ram sent by Zeus takes Phrixos on its back and brings him safely to Colchis (modern-day Georgia).

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