Arctic Foxes by Carri Stuhr

Geography Cultures

By Carri Stuhr

During this Early chicken name, readers find out about the actual features, habitat, and behaviour of the arctic fox.

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40 This scientist is studying the arctic fox. The fox was given a shot so it would stay still. Scientists study the arctic fox by tracking it. They attach tags to certain foxes’ ears. The tags help scientists keep track of these foxes. Then the scientists can study the foxes and learn how they live. 41 This fox is wearing a radio collar. It allows scientists to see where the fox goes. Scientists also use radio collars to track foxes. A radio collar looks like the collar you see on a dog. The collars have special instruments in them.

Environment: the place where an animal lives. Air, soil, weather, plants, and animals are all part of the environment. global warming: the slow rise in Earth’s temperature 46 lemming: the main food source for an arctic fox. Lemmings are little animals that look like mice. litter: a group of baby foxes that is born to one mother molt: to shed permafrost: a layer of ground that stays frozen all year predators (PREH-duh-turz): animals that hunt and eat other animals pups: a name for baby arctic foxes.

Stop occasionally and discuss what you’re reading. Talk about the photographs. If the child begins to lose interest, stop reading. When you pick up the book again, revisit the parts you have already read. BE A VOCABULARY DETECTIVE The word list on page 5 contains words that are important in understanding the topic of this book. Be word detectives and search for the words as you read the book together. Talk about what the words mean and how they are used in the sentence. Do any of these words have more than one meaning?

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