Archetypal Explorations: An Integrative Approach to Human by Richard M. Gray

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By Richard M. Gray

Archetypal Expressions is a clean method of one among Jung's best-know and most fun innovations. Richard M. grey makes use of archetypes because the foundation for a brand new technique of analyzing the realm and lays the rules of what he phrases an "archetypal sociology". Jung's principles are mixed with parts of recent biology and structures idea to discover the elemental human stories of existence, which recur in the course of the a long time. Revealing the implicitly cross-cultural and interdisciplinary nature of Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Explorations represents an important contribution to the literature of archetypes and integrative techniques to human behaviour.

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The most primitive of such responses are called taxes and tropisms. In classical biology, a tropism refers to a growing process, while a taxis is a locomotor movement effected by a 22 ARCHETYPAL EXPLORATIONS reorganization of cellular material. Maturana and Varela (1987) have noted, however, that there is no practical difference between growth and other kinds of movement. This makes the distinction somewhat arbitrary. Taxes come in two varieties: positive taxes that move towards the stimulus and negative taxes that move away.

Thus, from the archetypal perspective of Hillman and Goldenberg, the archetypal is “always phenomenal;” that is to say, it is defined by the experience that the image imparts. Hillman sees no preexistent list of archetypes, but an imaginal realm that symbolizes all things, empowering them in experience as archetypal elements identified by the numina that they bear, and the place of their manifestation in relation to the mythic structure of the imagination (Goldenberg, 1975, p. 216; Hillman, 1983/1988, pp.

Moreover, assimilation is implicit in the idea of the introject. Here, the external object, the ethological releaser (IRM), is taken into the structure of the organism as a part through the agency of its correspondence to the archetypal template. Accommodation occurs on various levels of the psychic organism. In the young child, the range of relatively unrelated reflexes are assimilated to a single accommodation which finds the mother, locates the breast and nourishes the infant. As the same process proceeds, the biological expectation, the sum of those responses that serve to locate, attach and relate to the mother— the maternal archetype—assimilate one to another, so that their total expression is an accommodation of the archetypal response system to the physical mother.

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