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By D. Jacobson, et. al.

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The point is not to just put the API out there and expect colleagues to find it and use it. It’s also important to do some education about how to use the API and not assume that everyone will see and understand its applications. Regarding his work on the New York Times API, Derek Gottfrid said, “We did a lot of internal education. ” Brad Stenger, Developer Advocate at the New York Times, says that internal education is ongoing. Creating a Private API Value Chain | 27 “If we mention APIs at any large meeting or workshop, we still provide a very basic explanation of what they are and how we use them.

Creating Internal Apps Our experience with early adopters of APIs shows that great value can be realized when companies use APIs to create apps for internal use. Teams create APIs to make content and services available to the rest of the company on a self-service basis. In a way, this model fulfills the vision of service-oriented architecture (SOA) that has been pursued for about 10 years. The emphasis on creating an API as a product that is intended for self-service use helps overcome some of the adoption barriers that SOA programs encountered.

Org discovered there was a huge appetite for a smartphone application to deliver its content when they saw the traffic that the NPR Addict app was getting. NPR then created its own iPhone app, whose traffic was many times greater than NPR Addict. • Twitter acquired Tweetie in 2010. Twitter then made Tweetie its official iPhone app. Twitter then went on to acquire TweetDeck as well. Increasing Application Value through Integration APIs are in many ways the “glue” of SaaS, connecting applications developed by the provider to the population that consumes those applications as a service.

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