Anzio 1944 : the beleaguered beachhead by Steven J. Zaloga, Peter Dennis


By Steven J. Zaloga, Peter Dennis

In January 1944, the Allies made up our minds to land at Anzio to be able to conquer the stalemate at Cassino.This amphibious touchdown has develop into essentially the most debatable campaigns of global battle II (1939-1945). Questionable judgements by means of the Allied management resulted in 3 months of worldwide conflict I-style trench war, and the full beachhead suffered from non-stop German statement and bombardment. Vividly describing each one thrust and counter-thrust, this ebook takes us throughout the agonizing fight as both sides sought to maintain or regain mastery. It exhibits how Anzio proved to be a stepping stone not just to Rome but in addition to the liberation of Italy.

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