Annals of the Witch World, Omnibus by Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey

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By Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey

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History is made, is recorded by human beings, and it is larded with all the errors our species is subject to. There are scraps of truth in legend and many lies in accepted history. I know—for the Siege Perilous does exist! "There are also theories of history alien to the conventional ones we learn as children. Have you ever heard of the alternate worlds which may stem from momentous decisions? In one of those worlds, Colonel Tregarth, perhaps you did not turn aside your eyes on that night in Berlin.

They saluted Koris and eyed his companion with a somber curiosity he found vaguely disconcerting, but none of them spoke. Koris touched Tregarth's arm, motioned to a curtained doorway, holding back a loop of the cloth in a way which suggested an order. Beyond stretched another hall. But here the bare stone of the walls were covered with hangings bearing the patterns of the same symbols he had seen on the bed canopy, half familiar, half alien. A sentry stood to attention at the far end of that way, raising the hilt of his sword to his lips.

He was enjoying this, the good food and drink, even the sly needling of Dr. Jorge Petronius. But he did not lower his guard. "So, my sword arm needs strengthening? " Simon put down his wine glass. A red drop trickled down its side to be absorbed by the cloth. '' The small man shrugged. "Naturally. But in return I can promise complete escape. Those who trust me receive the worth of their dollars. " "Your recent activities having so eaten into your cash reserve? But, of course. However, you left San Pedro with twenty thousand.

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