Analysis of Strategy and Strategies of Analysis by David C. Gompert, Paul K. Davis, Stuart E. Johnson, Duncan

Political Freedom

By David C. Gompert, Paul K. Davis, Stuart E. Johnson, Duncan Long

In a fluid worldwide defense atmosphere reminiscent of ours, assessing the prices, dangers, and sure outcomes of other nationwide security techniques is as tough because it is vital. The authors convey how, even within the face of uncertainty, the prices and different implications of any approach may be assessed by way of reading the services wanted via U.S. combatant instructions

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S. 12 Yet, defense analysis and planning lag behind the movement toward such operational unity, at least in DoD. A theme of this monograph is that strategic analysis should be organized to assure that chief agents of global defense strategy—the COCOMs—have the operating objectives, authorities, and resources needed to deliver what is intended by strategy and to adapt as circumstances demand. Of course, this should be done, and can be done, while preserving the strong role of the national command authority in security and defense.

As already noted, partnerships between military operating units and force providers are far more important than formal exchange of obligations. Yet, it is vital for operating units, force providers, and “corporate” DoD to be able to count on each other to deliver that which is expected of them, while taking into account the likelihood of change and the need to be flexible. With due caveats, one can imagine an approach to assessing national defense strategy that is loosely like that used by complex corporations that also must understand what it will take to achieve their strategic goals.

28 Analysis of Strategy and Strategies of Analysis ing unit requires new methods of analysis but not a reordering of basic responsibilities. It has been observed that COCOMs are generally not good at taking a long view, owing to the immediate pressures they face, and that grand strategy is not their forte. Of course, this is also true of most corporate operating units, especially with Wall Street traders and company headquarters anxious to see quarterly results. This is one reason why, in both worlds, responsibility for setting strategy rests with corporate executives (or national leaders), whose horizons are both long-term and marketwide (or global).

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