An Old English Grammar by Randolph Quirk


By Randolph Quirk

Once back to be had in paperback, Quirk and Wrenn's Old English Grammar is a handy reference device to enrich readings in previous English. applicable for simple or complicated research of previous English language and literature, this short glossy grammar covers orthography, pronunciation, inflection, syntax, observe formation, and phonology. The authors supply a transparent evaluate of past due West Saxon, with notes that open up the complexities of the language should you desire to pursue them. The supplemental bibliography extra to this version through Susan Deskis displays the main correct contemporary contributions to the examine of outdated English.

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Venia, -ae,ftll'or. ) 4. Clementia tua multas vitas servat. -c1ementia, -ae, clemency. ) 5. Multam pecOniam deporlat. ) 6. FortOnam et vitam antiquae patriae saepe laudas sed recOsiis. (HoI" ace. -reciisire, to refilse. ) 7. Me vitare turbam iubes. -turba, -ae, crowd. mullilude. ) 8. Me philosophiae do. ) 9. Philosophia est ars vitae. -ars, nom. ) 10. Sanam fOrmam vitae conservale. , sound. ) I J. Immodica iru creat insaniam. , immod· erate. ex('essive. -creire, to cI"eale. -insinia, -ae, unsoundness.

Nihil me terret. II. Apollo me saepe servat. 12. -quid videtis? Nihil videmus. 13. Saepe nihil cogitas. 14. Dis das, s1 cito das. , III'il'e. , ljllil'kly. ) 15. S1 vales, valeo. ) 16. What does he see? 17. They are giving nothing. 18. You ought not to praise me. 19. If I err, he often wams me. 20. If you love me, save me, please! THE POET HORACE CONTEMPLA TES AN INVITA TlON Maecemis et Vergilius me hodie vocant. Quid cogitare debeo? Quid debeo respondere? S1 erro, me saepe monent et culpant; s1 non erro, me laudant.

Q, as in English, is always followed by consonantal u, the combination having the sound kll': quid, quoque. I' was trilled; the Romans called it the Illtera canina, because its sound suggested the snarling of a dog: Roma, curare. s was always voiceless as in see. never voiced as in our word ease: sed, posuisses, mislstis. t always had the sound of I as in tired. never of sh as in lIalion or eh as in menlioll: taciturnitiis, natlonem, mentlonem. v had the sound of our 11': vivii = wiwo, vinum = winum.

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