Amateur Plant Breeder’s Handbook (2004) by Raoul A. Robinson

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By Raoul A. Robinson

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CIAT Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical. This is the international research centre for tropical agriculture located in Cali, Colombia. It is one of the CGIAR research stations. Cicadulina spp. Species of leaf hopper insects. Some species are vectors of virus diseases of plants, the most notable being maize streak virus in Africa. Cicer arietinum Known as chick pea, or gram, this is the most important pulse in India, particularly in the semi-arid areas, as it is very resistant to drought.

Camellia spp. See: Thea spp. Camote See: Ipomea batatas. Canker A necrotic, sunken lesion on a thick part of a plant, such as a stem. Cankers are usually caused by fungi. Canna edulis Known as ‘achira’ in South America, where it originated, this crop is usually called Queensland arrowroot, or purple arrowroot, in English. It is grown commercially in Australia for extraction of starch from the rhizomes. Hybrids of wild species of Canna are a popular ornamental known as the Canna Lily. Rather too specialised for amateur breeders .

The latter has internal parasites, which can be eliminated only by hot water treatment, or by systemic chemicals. Continuity See: Continuous epidemic. Continuous distribution Quantitative data that reveal a continuous spectrum of values between a minimum and a maximum. See also: Normal distribution. Continuous epidemic In epidemiology, a continuous epidemic is one in which the parasitism never stops. This is sometimes called endemic disease. The epidemiological significance of continuity is that the parasite does not need to find a means of survival in the absence of a host.

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