Algèbre linéaire et géométrie élémentaire - 2ème édition by Jean Alexandre Dieudonné

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By Jean Alexandre Dieudonné

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144pages. 16,8x11,6x2,4cm. Broché.

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20 above. S1524/W5; S1504/H20: swa swa ic nu þam freondum sæde þæ ic to spræc. 140 Unfortunately, Stigand was briefly deposed in the same year, so this assumption is uncertain. The fact that the bequest appears in the multi-gift will in the first person, and the single-gift version is couched in the third person, might suggest that the single-gift document was made as an abstract for individual beneficiaries (Christ Church and St Augustine’s, Canterbury);141 the multi-gift will is preserved in the Bury archive.

Xiii. These texts are discussed below, as additional evidence for written bequest. They are: a dubious Latin bequest of King Offa (S146/EHD I, no. 78); an equally dubious burial payment by Wihburg (S1227); a Latin reference to an oral willmaking in the context of a dispute (S1187/EHD I, no. 81); a Latin account of a death-bed will, possibly spurious (S1408); and a vernacular account of a dispute which may refer to a written will (S1458/R41). S1232/R113 may refer to a bequest-agreement, but in its present form it takes the form of an inter vivos grant: see Charters, p.

181–2. S1536/W17, Burton 29; S906, Burton 28. Lowe, ‘Vernacular Will’, p. 19; Burton, pp. ix–xx. 18 Anglo-Saxon written wills To add a further complication, there is evidence to believe that summaries and extracts of wills were already being made in the pre-Conquest period. 44 An eleventh-century vernacular bequest by Thurstan provides a further illustration of the complexities of transmission. 46 A further complexity is added: the two contemporary versions of Thurstan’s bequest to Christ Church differ in detail.

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